We are the Alliance for Neighborhood Prosperity (ANP), a nonprofit organization working to advance the harmony between tourists and residents in New Orleans by working together to support and promote responsible Private Home Rentals (PHRs).

Current city regulations prohibit PHRs of less than 30 days (60 days in the French Quarter). As you may know, Councilwoman Stacy Head has called for the legalization, regulation and taxation of owner-occupied PHRs as a compromise measure, and we need to continue this momentum.

If you’d like to join this cause, please sign the below petition in favor of the legalization and regulation of PHRs in New Orleans.


I support the legalization and regulation of Private Home Rentals in New Orleans and urge the New Orleans City Council to vote in favor of this legislation for the following reasons:

• Creation of an untapped revenue stream through the collection of taxes and licensing fees;
• Ability to raise these revenues without incurring concomitant expenses for infrastructure;
• Economic development and tourist-industry dollars spread throughout the city beyond the French Quarter;
• Thoughtful regulations and accountability from which residents will benefit;
• And the broadened choice of visitor accommodations.

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